LIFE-ENPE waste crime and air pollution Working Group workshops; Ministry of Finance, Nicosia, Republic of Cyprus, 28-29 March 2019.

Recent ENPE activities


ENPE aisbl Board meeting 29 July 2019

The ENPE aisbl Board met at the ENPE registered office in Scotland House, Brussels on 29 July 2019 for their most recent meeting. Please see below for the minutes. The next meeting will be the General Meeting which will be held at the end of the first day of the annual conference, 29 October 2019, at the EUROJUST headquarters, The Hague. More details, including the General Meeting agenda will be shared in due course.

ENPE newsletter April 2019 

We are pleased to share with you our latest ENPE newsletter. Please see below for a downloadable version. As always, we welcome feedback and suggestions for improvements and inclusions in the next edition.

ENPE aisbl Board meeting 04 April 2019

The ENPE aisbl Board met in The Hague, Netherlands at the Eurojust headquarters on 04 April 2019. Please see below for the minutes.

LIFE-ENPE Working Group Workshops: waste crime & air pollution; Nicosia, Cyprus 28-29 March 2019

LIFE-ENPE working groups 2 (waste crime) and 3 (air pollution) held consecutive workshops over 2 days at the Ministy of finance building, Nicosia, Republic of Cyprus. Both days comprised fascinating presentations from expert prosecutors and specialists and included case studies where waste crimes had been investigated and sanctions applied. There were also group activities and oportunities to network for the delegates. For more information, including viewing the presentations that are available for sharing, please contact


ENPE 2018 conference "Protecting habitats and endangered species through tackling environmental crime"

The 2018 ENPE annual conference was held jointly with the Life Reason for hope project, the IMPEL Water Crimes group and the LIFE Natura-Themis project, who also hosted the event at the Natural History Museum of Crete in Heraklion, Crete, from the 23-24 October. A very full conference programme was enjoyed by 104 delegates from 56 different organisations and 26 countries. The conference outputs, including all available presentations are captured in an electronic magazine, or "E-zine" here:


ENPE Newsletter issue 7 October 2018 

Our latest newsletter, issue 7 October 2018 has recently been published and is available for download and onward sharing. As ever, detailing our activities, forthcoming events and interesting cases, we welcome your feedback and comment and hope you find it of interest.

LIFE-ENPE & LIFE Natura Themis Declaration of Co-operation meeting; University of Crete, Heraklion 26 June 2018

Representatives from the LIFE-ENPE project and LIFE Natura Themis project met up to share project progress and outputs, and plan to maximise the opportunity for collaborative working going forward. Both projects share the same over-arching objective of improving the prosecution of environmental crime and are working together in co-organising and hosting the forthcoming conference in Heraklon in October 2018 (see below). Both parties recognised the success of the meeting, and acknowledged the progress made already in the provision of tangible project outputs that are available for partners and stakeholders to tackle environmental crimes in europe.  

LIFE-ENPE Wildlife Working Group & CMS Joint Workshop article in EC Life journal & summary report now available for download (see below)

The recent successful joint LIFE-ENPE & CMS workshop in Segovia Spain has been reported on in the EC's Life & Wildlife crime publication. Please find the link for downloading the document below:


The summary report is now complete and available for download - please click on the link below to access.

ENPE announces annual conference details: 23-24 October 2018; Natural history museum of Crete, Heraklion, Crete.

We are delighted to announce news of our annual confernce for 2018, which includes us joining with two Life Porgramme-funded projects, with whom we have established strong working relationships, and a specialist Water Pollution crimes group from IMPEL. Please ensure you 'Save the Date' and see the flyer below for more details.

EC Directorate-general for Environment launches Environmental Complaince Assurance initiatve - ENPE position paper

The European Commission's Directorate-general recently confirmed their adoption of a 9-point action plan to increase compliance with, and improve guidance on EU environmental legislation. The actions will be implemened over 2018-19 with the help of European Environmental enforcement networks, including ENPE. Delivery of the actions involved a newly-established, high level expert group, The Environmental Compliance and Governance forum which met for the first time on 13 March 2018 with ENPE represented by our President, Anne Brosnan. For more details on the initiative please see the documents enclosed below including the ENPE position paper on the ECA.

ENPE at The Conference of Judges and Prosecutors on Water Justice and at the 8th World Water Forum; Brasilia, Brazil

This brought together over 140 distinguished partcipants from over 60 countries to engage in high-level discussions on the management, use and protection of freshwater resources. A key outcome was the approval of the "Brasilia Declaration of Judges on Water Justice", providing a set of 10 principles for guiding the legal community worldwide in the protection of water water ecosystems. ENPE was represented at the conference by International Vice-President Jean-Philippe Rivaud, and EUFJE were represented by Prof Luc Lavrysen, also a Board member of the LIFE-ENPE project. for more details please se: http:// 

Celebrating IMPEL's 25th anniversary

The European Union Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law - IMPEL - is an international non-profit association made up of european environmental authorities, and one of ENPE's key partners. Like ENPE, IMPEL is registered in Belgium with its legal seat in Brussels, and comprises members representing organisations from across the EU member states as well as non-EU countries. It was established in 1992 at a meeting in Chester, England, as an informal network representing 12 countries. A period of growth has seen it now boast 51 members from 36 different countries, as it continues to make progress on its objective of more effective application of environmental legislation. Its collaborative work with other organisations, including ENPE, is significant and widely recognised. For more information about the network, including a summary of its activities over the past 25 years, please go to: 


EU environmental enforcement networks sign historic Memorandum of Understanding

At our recent annual conference, the EU Environmental Crime Enforcement Networks conference, held at Magdalen College on 20 & 21 September 2017, and in the presence of the EU Directorate General of Environment and the European Union Forum of Judges for the Environment (EUFJE), an historic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by the Chairs of the three enforcement networks hosting the conference: ENPE; IMPEL and EnviCrimeNet.

This MoU, and its signing is a clear statement of intent from all three networks in their concerted action in the fight against environmental crime, and the strengthening in the chain of compliance to ensure effective environmental protection across europe. The EU hailed this signing as a necessary step in ensuring a common vision in tackling environmental crime, and delivering greater compliance assurance across Europe.


Capitalisation & Gap-filling report published and available for download; April 2017

The LIFE-ENPE Capitalisation and Gap-filling report, which analyses existing information on the prosecution of enviornmental crimes and associated activity across Europe (LIFE-ENPE Action A1), has been published and is available for download (please see pdf below). The report draws on information gathered via prosecution and sentencing statistics, corresponding with prosecutors and legal literature reviews of the 28 European Unions Member Statesto present a baseline analysis of "what we know about environmental crime, and crucially, how it is actually being tackled by prosecutors and judges across Europe".


THE ENPE aisbl Board

The ENPE aisbl (Association Sans-but Lucratif) meets four times per year and comprises the following members:

Anne Brosnan (UK) - President

Rob de Rijck (Netherlands) - Vice-President

Jan-Philippe Rivaud (France) - International Vic-President

Lars Magnusson (Sweden) - Secretary

David Smith (Ireland) - Director

Antonio Vercher Noguera (Spain) - Director

The most recent Board meeting minutes are shared with members and are available for download as pdf documents below.


ENPE activities archive

Strategic Meeting in the Hague November 27-28 2013

ENPE and EUROJUST co-hosted a meeting called: Towards an enhanced coordination of environmental crime prosecutions across the EU: The role of Eurojust in The Hague The meeting brought specialised prosecutors from 27 countries in the EU and EFTA together. Eurojust has a key role in coordinating cross border criminal investigations in the EU. The help EUROJUST can offer in environmental investigations is described here.

The meeting was considered a success. The topics of the conference were severe organised crimes in trading in endangered species, illegal waste trafficking and water pollution.

Read the agenda as a PDF-file here.


Read the report Strategic Project on Environmental Crime as a PDF-file here.

EU Environmental Enforcement Networks Conference May 12-13 2016


For the first time, four key European Environment Networks joined together to host a conference, held 12 and 13 May 2016 in Utrecht, the Netherlands, of 194 participants from 35 countries in Europe with the explicit task of working to strengthen enforcement of EU environment and nature law and the compliance chain as a whole.

A high level of environmental protection is one of the fundamental objectives of the EU. The four networks all share the same aim of contributing to improving good implementation and enforcement of EU law that results in the safeguarding of health and our citizens well being.

Working with their key partner, the European Commission, this conference has provided a forum for highlighting common challenges and practical solutions whilst examining case studies that help the less experienced to learn from more experienced practitioners.

The organising partner networks in their closing statement reaffirmed the value of always seeking to make the polluter pay and tracking down and recovering the proceeds of crime; and that they are optimistic about the future of our networks and our ability to provide a strong response, as regards punishment and deterrence to those who might contemplate involvement in environmental crime.

They recommended that European enforcement projects with strong elements of capacity building and training as well as the sharing of information are key practical steps going forward to improve the compliance chain.

Read the press release here.


ENPE aisbl Board Members signing - July 4th 2016

Before being incorporated as an International Non-profit Association (ENPE inpa or ENPE aisbl in French), the Board Members had to sign to confirm their position in this new organisation. This event took place on July the 4th at Scotland House in Brussels, and preceded the provision of Royal Decree to incorporate the new association (ENPE aisbl) as a registered non-profit association in Belgium. The first ENPE aisbl Board meeting took place in Brussels on October the 14th.


EUFJE Annual conference - Tribunalul Bucuresti, Bucharest, Romania, November 18th & 19th 2016

ENPE were represented at the EUFJE Annual Conference in Bucharest by LIFE-ENPE Project Manager Shaun Robinson, who provided a presentation on the ENPE Life project to the international group of judges who had gathered from across Europe. Full programme details and the pre-conference questionniaire are available below and from the EUFJE website.